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Gain access to the South African and Mauritian property industry leading advisors to drive quality, efficiency, and peace of mind in your property, investments, development and financing process.

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The Power of Property Law & Conveyancing

We have highly skilled and competent team of property lawyers and conveyancers, who are willing to assist you in terms of all your conveyancing and property needs.

The services we provide include:


Advice on commercial, industrial, residential and retail property development transactions.
Development structures, strategies and implementation.
Lease agreements, sectional title developments, share block developments and fractional ownership.
Property rights and DFA applications.


Commercial property transactions involving immovable and movable property.
Due diligence investigations in mergers and acquisitions.
Commercial contracts (drafting, vetting and opinion work).
Structuring of property investments.
Tax structures on property transactions.
Financing strategies, advice and bond registrations.


Conveyancing and notarial services.
Notarial execution of prospecting and mining rights.
Compliance with local and national legislation and permits regarding land issues.
Planning and land use/rights applications.
Environmental matters including water law.
Restitution of Land Rights Act 22 of 1994.
Social Housing developments.
Township-related developments.
Applications and the registration of real rights in land, Sectional Titles and other Community Schemes dispute resolution and litigation.
Body Corporate training.
Trustees training.

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